Board of Directors

Luana Schneider – Exec Director/Co-Founder
Luana Schneider was an artist and interior decorator until November 25, 2006 when she became a full-time caregiver for her son  after his Humvee hit an IED and he was severely injured in Iraq. Luana  co-founded Tempered Steel.

Heidi Katz – Board President
Over the past 15 years Heidi worked in event design, manufacturing and sales as an owner of a corporate gift service. Heidi’s extensive knowledge of the Event Service business served as a catalyst in expanding her current business as a corporate, social and private event planning company in the Los Angeles area.

Madonna Moranville – Treasurer
Donna Moranville is the Treasurer, Compliance and HIPAA Privacy Officer for the 
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System. Donna has been with SCLHS for 21 years in various positions within the Legal and Compliance arenas. Her background is as a corporate paralegal (with which she has 25+ years’ experience) and specializes in corporate, real estate and healthcare law.

Sharon Rice – Secretary 
Sharon has served as a facilitator at TRADOC, wounded warrior and the Department of the Army conferences among other volunteer work. AFAP is the Army's grassroots process to identify and elevate the most significant quality of life issues impacting Soldiers. Several issues from her workgroups have become Army policy including a wounded warrior caregiver stipend.

Doug Kunkle – Board Member
9 year Marine and Gulf War Veteran. My job now enables me to work behind the scenes for the military, I work on the worlds most sophisticated electronics allowing service members in the field to contact ships, out-posts, subs, aircraft, even call in airstrikes or GPS navigation through the use of Satellite Communications.

Connie Henline – Board Member
Shortly into her husband’s 4th deployment he was severely injured. They were sent to Brooke Army Medical Center, where they have lived with their children for the last 6 year. Connie currently works as a Property Manager full time and takes care of Bobby and their children. 

Susan Muskin – Board Member
Sue retired from the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR) where she had been employed since October 2004 at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. She was employed in the Progressive Care Burn Unit as the Medical Support Assistant.