Why become a speaker?

Why request a speaker?

Our severely injured military members have had to learn to deal with the public's perception of who they were based on nothing more than a glance. As these wounded explain, "they are in essence, still the person they were before the injuries…on the inside". To each of them they had not fundamentally changed who they were, just the way they looked and how the public now viewed them. By providing a nationwide platform for our speakers to share their story of injury, recovery and finally hope, Tempered Steel is creating greater compassion of what these men and women have sacrificed on their country’s behalf. Our Warrior Speakers aid other Wounded 

Veterans in discovering life after injury, showing them the power of sharing their exceptional and individual stories with the public and standing as living examples of survival. Several Tempered Steel speakers choose to include their caregiver in their speaking engagements as it provides a more comprehensive story. Request your Wounded Veteran Speaker today for your event, school or corporation.

As a part of Tempered Steel’s Combat
Wounded Veteran Speaking Program you will discover how speaking in schools, to 

community groups, at corporations and events change misconceptions, actions of 

bullying/shunning and numerous other issues fought by not only you “our” warriors, but by other individuals, who may be disfigured, disabled or may feel or look “different”. You tell your story in the manner most comfortable to you; Tempered Steel provides the support, encouragement and ideas on how your story may offer the greatest impact; but we never forget that they are “YOUR” stories.